MLM Prospecting Tips – Don’t Let The NO Get You Down

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When doing your MLM prospecting, do you hate the feeling of someone telling you “no” to your product or business opportunity? Most people do and that’s why they’re afraid of making the calls required to make a sale. But the fact remains that it you don’t do any prospecting then you’re out of luck and won’t make any money.

From a young age we hear the words “no”, “don’t”, & “stop it” on a daily basis and these words have negative connotations to them. This training at a young age makes up believe that the word “no” is a bad thing and so we fear hearing it, even during MLM prospecting.

Go For No

One of my favorite trainings on prospecting is called Go For No! The premise is that regardless of how many people say “yes” to you about your product or service, your goal is to get a set number of people to tell you “no” every single day. In any kind of sales it’s natural to have more people tell you no than yes, so why not make a game of it? MLM Prospecting just this way, maybe 1 out of 20 will say yes. So make a game of it and don’t go to bed that night until you get 20 people to tell you no. The faster you fail, the faster you will succeed.

Video: MLM Prospecting Tips, No Prejudging Allowed

Ever been in that boat? You joined your network marketing company and immediately thought of 3 people that would definitely do it only for them to start bashing you when talk to them about it? I’ve heard words come from mouths of people such as: “you did what?” “you joined one of those things?” & “those things don’t work”.

Here’s my encouragement to you, that’s okay. I want you to keep pushing and going through your list. The people you might have thought least likely to be open to this are the ones that may actually join and be a huge impact to your organization. The MLM prospecting you do is going to need to be consistent every day, regardless of who says no and who says yes. Keep pushing and you will get there!

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