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network marketing In the mlm prospecting process converting leads to paying customers is the ultimate end point. Any home based business owner who has generated mlm leads will agree. If you are not converting leads you are not building a sustainable mlm business.

The close is the final step in mlm prospecting and this video reveals a simple close that is so simple it can easily be discounted. But it works. Follow the process from initial call, setting an appointment, exposure to your mlm opportunity and then the follow up call where your expertise in converting leads can use this simple mlm prospecting close and sign up technique.

It’s important to be rigorous in your approach to mlm prospecting. Be organized and prepared as I have outlined in previous videos regarding mlm prospecting tips. This video assumes you have gone through the entire mlm prospecting process and have made an appointment to talk to your prospect after they have viewed or read a presentation about your opportunity.

One of the key mlm prospecting tips is to never fail to make that call at the appointed time. MLM leaders must act with integrity and keep their promises. In this video I reveal two key but very simple questions you should ask your mlm prospects when you make the closing call. They are simple but if used and delivered with the right approach and mindset will increase your mlm closing rate dramatically.

Another of the mlm prospecting tips I give you is what one of my mentors calls the stupid simple close; an approach that if used in conjunction with the two simple questions will help seal the deal.

In all of this mlm prospecting process including the closing, you must assume, success, be confident and be a very good listener. Listening carefully will allow you to answer questions and objections. It will also help you determine whether or not your prospect is really ready for your opportunity. It will also tell you that they are, or are not, good prospects that you want to work with. That’s the last of the mlm prospecting tips I leave you with.

So go ahead and try it. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is.
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