MLM Prospecting Tips: Connect and Recruit

network marketing
MLM Prospecting Tips like these have helped me recruit over 30 people into my primary business. I’ve found that people will rather do business with those that they know, like, and trust. Well I don’t always know the people I’m calling but I am able to quickly become a friend on the phone by practicing network marketing recruiting tips like these. (psst more tips below)

I used to search for network marketing prospecting tips online but then I found a great sponsor and great system to teach me how to market online, prospect, and recruit. Whats great is I am just an average guy and I’m keeping things simple and following the system.

Because of what I found I sponsored a dude that has become the #1 income earner in my company in his country, generate leads everyday, and I’m able to stay in touch with my team as its growing and continue to give them support. Systems are pretty cool when you keep em simple.

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