MLM Prospecting Tips | 7 Step MLM Formula To Help You Recruit More Reps

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These MLM prospecting tips will help you when attempting to recruit more reps in your MLM.

0:14. MLM Prospecting Tip #1:
Raise curiosity. You are not out there to push your product or opportunity in people’s faces. You want to peak there interest first. You can do this with certain questions. One you might want to ask is, “would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?” This question will force the prospect to have respond with some curiosity as to what you’re doing.

0:56. MLM Prospecting Tips #2:
Ask a question…now when they say yes that they are open (to a side project), what you want to do is ask them this…”why would you be open?” or “what’s going on in your life right now that makes you open?” This gives you an idea as to what your prospects motivation is for wanting to create something more in their life.

1:43. MLM Prospecting Tip #3.
Point and schedule. You will then point your MLM prospect to your company’s presentation of choice, then schedule a time for you to follow up with them. Make sure you have the prospect confirm when you will follow up to solidify it. If your prospect says something like “I will check it out at some point”, what you want to say is, “if I call you at 6p tomorrow night, will you have watched the presentation?” This will keep you in control of the situation, and will force the prospect to confirm when they will be able to watch it. Make sure to ask them how soon they can watch it, because you don’t want to wait too long or their interest level will drop significantly.

3:10. MLM Prospecting Tip #4:
Check their level of seriousness. You are searching for serious people who want to build a business, so you need to see how serious your prospect is and what they’re willing to put into it. If they’re telling you that they’ll check it out at some point, you can say “well are you actually going to watch it, or were you just telling me that?” You need to stay postured and keep control of the situation. If they then tell you that they’re really not going to watch it, you now know they are not the right prospect and don’t need to waste anymore time. At that point, if they are still interested they will give you a time when they could actually check out your presentation.

4:37. MLM Prospecting Tip #5:
Follow up when you said you were going to follow up. Treat your business like a business, so make sure if you schedule a follow up call on Saturday at 2p, you call at 2p, not 2:30p. Your prospects won’t take you serious if you don’t take your business serious. If at that point, you call to follow up and they were unable to watch it for some reason, you can try to reschedule and follow up again, but to keep your posture, you would say something like, “I’ve got some people that have already watched the presentation, so if you don’t mind I need to prioritize my time and get back to them”. Let them know you’ll get in touch with them and get off the phone.

6:43. MLM Prospecting Tip #6:
Ask another question…If they did actually watch it what you can ask them is “what did you like best about it, the product, the business, or both?” Maybe their response is that they liked the idea of creating residual income, then what you want to do is with posture, just say to them, “sounds to me like you’re ready to join”. You can immediately move into the close and get them enrolled. Once they give you the inclination they are interested you can ask this. You never know who’s going to be ready at that moment until you ask.

7:56. MLM Prospecting Tip #7:
Close/enroll them, or get them on a 3-way call with your sponsor. If they’re ready to go, enroll them. If they are hesitant and need some more time or information, what you can then do is get them on the phone with your sponsor in a 3-way call. Now the prospect will see that if they do this, they will be able to get either you or your sponsor on the phone while they’re trying to recruit people and build their business.

MLM Prospecting Tips | 7 Step MLM Formula To Help You Recruit More Reps

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