MLM Prospecting Tips: 5 Words That Will Give You Instant Credibility And Posture

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MLM Prospecting Tips

Do you want to know 5 words that will give you instant posture and credibility?

Often when network marketers start off in this profession. They ask and they invite out of weakness.

“Would you perhaps be open to maybe looking at this new business that I’m trying out?”

It sounds weak and when the prospect isn’t interested they might say:
Is this one of those things?
Is this a pyramid?

That’s when the inexperienced, unpostured network marketer gets defensive.

No ours is different!
We have a better comp plan!
We have a break through product!
Our product is scientficially proven!

Get Postured
Instead of getting defensive, get postured.
These 5 words will give you instant posture.

Cross You Off The List

Is this something that you are even open to looking at or should we cross you off the list?

When you say these words, make sure that you are being nice about it. Don’t be a jerk when you say it. Same it firmly but in a nice way.

They are expecting you to get defensive, they are expecting you to “dance” for them.

Stay Postured
If they aren’t interested then they will tell you to cross them off of the list.
This is good! Remember most people won’t join, no matter what you say. I talk about this in “The Most Important Thing To Remember When You Are Prospecting Is This” blog post.

If you are going to get a “no” then you might as well get a no early on.
I would rather get a no near the beginning of the process rather than spend time on a prospect.
I don’t want to waste their time or my time.

Stay Postured
When you say, “Cross you off the list”, they realize that you won’t be chasing them.
You have more people to talk to, you have a list of people that you can talk to instead of “dancing” for them.
Subconsciously, no one wants to be crossed off of a list.

When they see you have lots of people to talk to and you have posture, they might have a change in attitude.
The right amount of posture is everything in this business. If you are too strong, you’ll look like a jerk and they won’t want to work with you.
If you come off too weak then you won’t look like the leader that they are looking for.

I know that you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person so
I like to use these 5 words when I want to collect a yes or a no decision from a prospect. Sometimes you just need an answer and these 5 words will get your answer quite quickly.

What do you think of these 5 words?
What words do you use when you are create posture with your prospects?

Create a great day!

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