MLM Prospecting Tips – 5 Places To Meet More Prospects

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Here’s one of the best MLM Prospecting Tips I’ve ever learned…

You get a prospect who’s about to sign up with you, they’re on the buy page and they start humming and hawing and making excuses as to why they should wait and sign up next week instead…

Which you know means they will probably never sign up.

This is how a seasoned veteran in the are of MLM prospecting handles this situation.. Lets say your prospects name is John.

You say… “You know John its not like we’re curing cancer here… we’re simply signing people up into the fastest growing industry in America, its really not that big a deal.”
You see how that’s kinda challenging their ego and calling them a pansy without actually saying it and offending them?

See as soon as your prospect thinks that buying from you is not that big of a deal, that is when the sale is made. We call this principle compare and contrast. In this example you are effectively “effort conditioning” your prospect by comparing joining your business to a feat much more astronomical so by comparison its not a biggie.

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One of the most important principles to understand about effective MLM prospecting is that it is a process. Just like an online sales funnel you have to put at lot of people into the top of the funnel. And some them will come out product buyers and distributors on the other end.

When you get this you understand that it really is a numbers game and that you don’t get paid for signing people up. You get paid for taking people through the process. Some will, some won’t, so what, who’s next! or something like that : )

One of the first things I learned as an entrepreneur in the network marketing profession almost 5 years ago is that you can make up in numbers what you lack in skill. This is one of the best MLM prospecting tips I’ve ever heard.

To me it means don’t wait until you become an expert by reading books and consuming trainings on the subject. You don’t become knowledgeable then you start prospecting. You become knowledgable in the process of doing.

And if you suck at it in the beginning then welcome to the club. Just understand that everyone starts at that point.

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