MLM Prospecting Tips: 4 Powerful Questions

network marketing – This video is going to share 4 super powerful questions to boost your MLM prospecting. These tips will help you with talking to more people.
Why Learn Network Marketing Prospecting?

In the profession of being a home business professional you cannot control the following:

– Duplication
– Acceptance
– Whether people attend events
– If others work on their mindset
– Really anything BUT how many people you talk to!

Your business STARTS with MLM prospecting, period. That is the ONLY thing you can 100% control is how many people you talk to each day. The below video will greatly help you feel at ease talking to more people.
What Are the 4 MLM Prospecting Questions?

Inside the below video I break each question down and how to use them but the 4 powerful MLM prospecting questions are:

– Are you happy?
– What do you mean by that? (Clarification question)
– Do you have a plan?
– I have a plan that might help, would you want to see it?

Don’t those seem simple? Watch the below video for how to appropriately use them and MOST importantly what to say AFTER they answer that last question positively.
Prospecting Tips Video and Question Breakdown

Was that helpful? Doesn’t that get you excited? When you throw them off by NOT shoving the business down their throat, it allows them to relax and not be so wound up. AND, these 4 questions will most certainly get you more customers! Make sure you build a little rapport, with a stranger, you may even want to ask these questions on a second meeting, however, you using them correctly, as detailed in the video, should help you get way more results with your MLM prospecting.

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