MLM Prospecting Tip: What To Say When They Haven’t Watched Your Video [FREE Script]

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I’ve got a great MLM ProspectingTip today: Have you ever called a prospect back, and they were supposed to have watched the video, and they haven’t? Yep, me too and most everyone in network marketing if they’ve prospected…at all!

You might hear something like “Oh, I didn’t get around to it because this happened, or that happened.” ~~Whatever the excuse was. My first reaction when I was new was to say, “Oh, Okay, when can you watch it again?” You set another appointment, they flake, you set another and you keep going and keep going. It can turn into an endless chase and be very exhausting. That’s not what you want to do.

MLM Prospecting Tip Part 1: Book a Solid Appointment With Posture

According to Ray Higdon, this is what you need to say when someone has done that. When you ask “How soon can you watch?” and they give you a time, add a little posture to it. If they say, “I can watch at 3.” You say, “Listen, I’m really booked but I can do it at 3:20.” Set it around the time that they give you, but you want to give them the impression that you are busy.

In reality, you are, every one of is with different things in their life. You could be booked with picking your kids up at school, you could be booked with making dinner for your family. It doesn’t matter what you’re booked with, you only have certain slots that you can put someone in, and you can determine what those are.

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