MLM Prospecting Tip: How To Answer The Income Objection

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Can you imagine how easy your MLM recruiting will have become? If in the next 24 hours, you have the answers to all the MLM objections your MLM Singapore Singapore prospects will possibly ask?

I’m gonna show you an easy method to quickly and professionally answer one of the most intimidating objections your MLM prospects will raise when you’re recruiting.

The “How Much Money Are You Making?” Question.

Before I actually give you the secret to handling this common MLM objection, it’s important that we first dive into the mind of your prospect.

Why Does Your MLM Prospect Ask This Question?

REASON #1: They’re using your income as an estimate of how much they’re gonna make if they join you in MLM.
REASON #2: They’re actually trying to find a reason NOT to join you.

Weird, isn’t it?

As you can see, answering this objection and winning your prospects over has got nothing to do with telling them how much you make. Doesn’t matter if its 0, or 00, or 000.

In fact, by revealing exactly how much you’ve made, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

I mean, seriously. It’s not that hard to imagine real life situations of people joining top earners in MLM but still don’t make a single cent, and also people that joined under unproductive uplines, but eventually surpassing them to become top earners.

The reason is simple.

How much money your downlines eventually make has got NOTHING to do with your income, but EVERYTHING to do with their productivity and willingness to take action.

Now, we’ve established that you shouldn’t tell your MLM prospects how much you make, and neither should you lie about your income.

How then, should you answer the “How Much Are You Making” question?


There’re 2 methods you can use:

1. “It’s not about how much I make. It’s about what you’re gonna do.”

This approach directly addresses your prospect’s underlying objection without having to deal with the one he asked. It also educates your prospect about the difference between working at a job and working for yourself. I particularly like this method because it throws the conversation back into the MLM prospect’s court. This way, you can move on to his next question (objection) until he is ready to decide whether to join you or not.

2. “I don’t know. I haven’t finished collecting it all yet.”

This approach is great for creating opportunities for your prospect to ask about the difference between active income and passive income. By answering this way, your prospect understands that he can also be paid repeatedly for his initial effort of building an MLM downline and customer base.

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