MLM Prospecting Scripts – Use One or Forget It?

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MLM Prospecting Scripts – Use One or Forget It? (31/90)

So maybe you’ve been thinking about whether you need to use a script to build your MLM business…I’m here today to tell you that actually, relying fully on a script throughout the conversation is a bad idea.

So is reading straight off a script, if you are even slightly unnatural your prospect will feel a little uncomfortable about it.

I do however feel that asking great QUESTIONS that get your prospect going off on a tangent, getting them dreaming and qualifying them for your time is a game changer. this is especially important if you are new because otherwise you will end up in a conversation that gets no results, and you run the RISK just talking which could lead to you talking yourself out of an opportunity.

When you use a road map (or sat nav for most people) to plan your trip on holiday, do you feel like you HAVE to stick to it or do you sometimes want to break away from the route a little to see the sights?

Now every conversation will be different so the questions you ask will be different, you want to always consider that if you are using questions from a script some won’t apply and you will just want to ask something such as “what do you mean?”, “can you elaborate?” “why did you decide to do that?”

These questions in my opinion are more in the moment, and people will really open up to you if you just go with the flow in your conversations. They can sense if you are just reading off a script or are asking relevant questions, however without some sort of guideline of what to ASK (that’s a key word) you won’t be able to GET a result.

Once you get good at asking key questions you can do away with a script but it’s a great starting point in my opinion, just make it seemless as possible when you throw them into the mix

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