MLM Prospecting Scripts: Face to Face Prospecting Techniques

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So you wanna set a face to face appointment with someone in your warm market. Whats the best prospecting technique when setting a face to face appointment with a friend to show them your company presentation? In this post, I’ll give you some prospecting techniques, the script, and a few scenarios when it comes to face to face appointments with your warm market.

So Whats the best prospecting techniques for setting a face to face appointment with a friend to show them your company presentation?

Scenarios Regarding Warm Market

There are some scenarios when it comes to your warm market. Here they are:

Scenario #1: Most people dont have a rapport or respect from their warm market. That’s a fact. Most people, if they gave them a heads up, wouldn’t show.
Scenario#2: Lets say you have a lot of respect and rapport from your warm market. Do do this over the phone rather than at the face to face coffee appointment.

First, never get a yes to meet them for coffee and then give them a heads up “Hey I got a project I’m working on” There is actually no scenario where you should ever say that. Don’t go that route.

If you feel you have enough rapport with someone to say that kinda thing then call them. Doing Face to face appointments come with a hint of non-duplication. Its more important to have them believe how duplicatable your system is.

Face to Face Prospecting Techniques

Lets say you have a date to meet for coffee with a friend,
Meet with them, find out whats happening, share your stuff, and at the end, you could say “Hey, By the way, “I got something I’m doing. I’d love to email you a link to a brief overview of it, you may be open to it, you may not be, I don’t know but I think its pretty cool, I’m rockin and rolling – I gotta jump to another meeting but I’d love to send you this presentation”

Do not schedule an appointment at a appointment UNLESS it was a phone appointment.

Next, Say “Im gonna send you over this presentation. How soon can you look at it, its fairly short” and if they say “I can look at it at 4pm”

Say “ok I’ll tell ya what, I’ll call you at 4:30″ Hows that work?”

So set a phone appointment at an actual face to face appointment. But dont set a coffee date and then ask them when you can meet so you can go over the company presentation. Thats when it’ll get weird.

But, you can show a company video at that coffee date while you are getting the coffee. You can say, “Hey check this out. I got this on my ipad, hey let me get us our coffee” – Watch this while I’m waiting online”

When you apply these prospecting techniques, you’ll have more posture and, as a result, it wont get weird.

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