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MLM – Prospecting on Facebook:

MLM Prospecting on Facebook is Easy if You Know These Simple Tricks
As part of my mlm prospecting routine, I usually turn to Facebook for free leads. Facebook has over 1.19 billion people that all give away their occupation, hobbies, friends and daily activities on their profiles! Most network marketers don’t realize what a huge opportunity this is to build your business big and long term.
I get a huge amount of my leads from Facebook for absolutely free. My method is to contact people that I think I’d like to work with and find out more about them. Remember, when you’re mlm prospecting your biggest job is just to be a friendly networker. Just make a friend and don’t worry about the “recruiting” part, but make sure you aren’t wasting your time with negative/crazy people either.

I’ve found that people have ten times better results on Facebook if they use these easy tricks:

MLM Prospecting Tricks for Facebook:

1. Use Their Name

Sounds very simple, but most people don’t do this in the initial contact. There are a lot, A LOT of spammers on Facebook contacting people and just copying and pasting the same message, completely disregarding the “build rapport” stage and going straight for the hammer by sending them a link to their business. (NEVER SEND AN UNSOLICITED LINK)

Because of this, people already have their guard up when you reach out to them. By simply including their name in the message, the prospect knows that you sent them a PERSONAL message rather than a spam, copy and paste message.

2. Start MLM Prospecting Locally

This is a skill and strategy I learned in a course, I learned the skill after taking a course, Social Media Local Prospecting Formula with Jessica Higdon. When you prospect someone local, they almost immediately feel as if they have a connection to you and vice versa. You immediately have things you can talk about and if the conversation moves in the right direction you have the opportunity to meet.
The other great thing about talking to people locally is that if they decide to get involved in your business you can build locally and have a better chance of keeping them involved. You can do meetings for them and the people they get involved. It is also sometimes easier to communicate and get them going properly.

3. Three messages back and forth before pitching

Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but if you keep as a good rule of thumb to have three communications through message at least back and forth by each party before asking if they are open to your business, you’ll score infinitely higher than all the other Facebook spammers.

While also in rule #3, when sending your third message when mlm prospecting, make sure you ONLY send a link if the other person gives the go ahead.

This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see people make all the time. They send a link too early. A good thing to keep in mind is to always ask someone if they’d like you to send over some information after they say they’re open. The answer when I ask this question is almost always yes.

Here’s the Bottom Line With MLM – Prospecting on Facebook
We all know the bottom line when it comes to the mlm profession is if you keep going through the numbers and if you don’t quit eventually you’ll find the few good people that you need to make it happen. What you lack in skill make up for in numbers and chances are you’ll build a huge business.

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