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MLM Prospecting by will show you some great examples of dollar bill business cards that are being used successfully for MLM Prospecting.

Congratulations in joining your new network marketing program. Now, you’re probably wondering what you can do to start prospecting leads for your mlm program. Well, among many mlm prospecting strategies, you should put dollar bill drop cards and business cards at the top of your list. Why? Because nothing gets people’s attention more than money, right? So, what better way to get someone’s attention on your business opportunity than to put your business on money. The connection people will make to joining your business and money is just naturally going to pique their curiosity enough to visit your website or make that phone call to your voice recording, or directly to you. This is mlm prospecting at it’s finest!

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You can also talk about dollar bill drop cards to your business colleagues knowing that many people like the idea of network marketing, but are not that as comfortable about always meeting new people and trying mlm prospecting in person. The dollar bill drop cards and business cards are a great way to introduce your business opportunity without actually having the anxiety of introducing yourself to a bunch of people in virtually random situations. Not only are the dollar cards a great MLM prospecting tool, but they’re a great ice breaker too!

Imagine being able to generate more leads then you have time to pursue? That is a great problem to have when MLM prospecting, isn’t it? Take your dollar bill drop cards around town on your day to day errands and strategically place them anywhere people gather and watch those MLM prospecting tools go to work building your downline.

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