MLM Prospecting Language To Acquire More Prospects Part 3

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More Prospects are what everyone in MLM wants. Using the language that creates expectation for the prospect to see success is key. This is Part 3 of the Clarify Qualify Create Expectation series on prospecting created by Sean G Murphy.
In this video you will learn how to use language to create that dream the prospect is looking for. If your words used when prospecting cause a client to think about life in a new way, in a who new light, you will have separated yourself from everyone else who prospects with old tired words. Phrases like, Do you make all the money you want, If I could show you a way…
This is old language that has always put the prospect on defense. Today your prospects can see through that fear based language.
Creating expectation is very easy to do when talking with your prospect, when you learn the technique you will be able to produce more conversion

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