MLM Prospecting: How to Recruit Winners

network marketing When MLM prospecting who would you rather have on your team, winners or tire-kickers? The answer is obvious! Here’s my top 3 tips to bring in rock stars…

If you played any type of competitive sports when you were younger think back to that time. For myself, it was baseball. I loved the game and was a pitcher and first baseman. Picture 6’6″ on the mound lol.

Think about that starting lineup, who was first in and who was on the bench? First round was the winners!

Same in business or anything competitive. Especially in a direct sales or network marketing type of deal. Who wants a bunch of duds or tire-kickers, no one!

So how to get the winners? Here’s my top 3 tips as you go about your MLM prospecting…

MLM Prospecting Training: Personal Inventory

When I am doing coaching calls a lot of our discussions come down to a personal reality check and inventory.

What are ya REALLY doing with your time? How is your mindset? What is your level of activity? Are ya doing personal development? Do ya attend events? How many folks have you spoke to about your business in the last 24 hours? Hmmm… How about that last question eh!?

A lot of times we need to get our housekeeping in order, so to speak.

99% of us are building residual income in our network marketing company alongside our j-o-b. So it is a balancing act. Time management is critical. That’s another topic I often discuss; being efficient and effective with the time you have.

There is no magic MLM prospecting system, step 1 is to get your head in the right place!

Take that personal inventory and really look at your order of priorities, level of commitment, activity and goals (both short term and long term).

Only you know if you are ready to dive in and have real success in network marketing. Be honest and realistic with yourself. Also don’t waste anyone’s time.

Leaders in network marketing run with the runners; if you are indecisive or one minute you’re here and the next minute you’re there, this will not help your cause. And they will see that. Be respectful of your time and theirs.

MLM Prospecting Tips: How to Recruit the Winners

I hear this question all the time, “Jeff, no one does anything on my team, what’s up?”

My first response would be see comments above on personal inventory ;-)

That said, here are my top 3 tips to improve your MLM prospecting efforts…

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