MLM Prospecting | How To Recruit Even Though You’re Shy

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MLM Prospecting is on of the main keys to building a sustainable and growing business. Having Prospecting systems or tools in place can absolutely have an impact in your MLM business. However, many of you out there may by shy and too scared to do any type of MLM Prospecting

Prospecting will take time, effort and consistency! You may not start out with the tools to make a great conversation, but with time, you will develop an array of conversational tools to help you in you MLM prospecting.

What you can do to improve your prospecting is to learn how to converse. When you go out and about, start talking to people. Smile, tell them hello and just engage in conversation. When you’re checking out at the market, strike up a conversation with the cashier! Never waste an opportunity, because your prospecting for your MLM business will sky rocket! The reason why it’s great to start a conversation is because you will eventually be talking to your prospects in person (they’ll be calling you of course)

Another thing you can do is build your own MLM prospecting list. Or you can search for “MLM prospecting on Facebook,” in the search bar. These are one of MANY ways that you can get your prospecting done.

If you are tired of not being able to recruit 3-5 reps a week into your MLM business, and you want to learn how to do MLM prospecting, connect with me on Facebook

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