MLM Prospecting: How To Invite

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You want people to show up to your meetings or events, you need to master the invite. When you are mlm prospecting your people you have to make sure that you are not a whip when inviting. I’ll explain what I mean in today’s video post.

What NOT to Do When MLM Prospecting

All lot of new and even some veteran marketers still have problems inviting their prospects to a home meeting or a third party tool correctly. I see this more common than not and that is because they go into explain or present mode. Let me give you an example. Last night at a meeting we had a few people not show up, which is common. When I went to ask the inviters, “how did they invite” they didn’t leave their prospects curious. You have to invite in a way that they are so curious that your third party tool will quench their thirst.

Mastering the Invite

When mlm prospecting, you wanna qualify your prospects quick. You don’t have all day to explain to them everything because you have other prospects to talk with. When you invite your job is to get them in front of a presentation, that is it. You don’t wanna present, you don’t wanna explain, get those eyes balls in front of the presentation. In the video below I share with you a way you can master the invite.

Did that video help you? Does this make your mlm prospecting much easier to invite? You wanna be in a hurry and make sure that they have to see your presentation. This is a skill that if you master you can make a lot of money. The mlm prospecting aspect is to qualify them, master the invite, and then let the toll do the presenting for you. Wanna it this simple because your prospect is gonna see what you are doing and think they will have to do they same. Here is a free webinar to can check out to help your prospecting.

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