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☛ MLM Prospecting | How to Find Serious MLM Prospects
➤ ➤ ➤ Greg! How do I find a list of people who are serious about your mlm business or home based business?

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I’ve helped many home based entrepreneurs, network marketers, and direct sales professionals learn what it takes to be more effective in their communication. To generate more revenue and to get people excited about their processes.

One of the most common questions I get asked is GREG! Where can I find a list of SERIOUS people… not people who want or need to think about it? Not people who are time wasters, time vampires, energy suckers, and tire kickers.

You can buy leads and generate leads… but not a list with people who are ready to buy. Think about it… if I had a list of people who are ready to buy, why wouldn’t I just sell them stuff direct right?

Each step in the communication is either adding credibility to your credibility account.. and moving them towards that transaction or is repelling them down the stairs and repelling them down.

What do we need to make sure of that this prospect is something that we should invest our time into to make sure we are not wasting our time.

Comes down to 3 specific steps.
Look for prospects who for 3 specific conditions before they are ready and willing to hear more about your offer or product. The 1st condition is…

1. Need
They must have a need for your product, service, or opportunity. Not one that you feel they have… but one they themselves actually recognize.

Watch the weight loss example in the video here:

2. Want
A desire to actually want the product or service you are offering. While they may recognize the need… as an example (saving money), they may not WANT to start saving money because they are literally scraping by.

3. Willing
The third thing is the most important thing to test for I’m your prospect… are they willing to do what is NECESSARY to achieve the results that you are talking about.

You must test for willingness.
Fantastic Greg, where do I buy this list of leads? You can buy leads and however you get them… you can generate them, talk to friends and family, or social media. You still have to to test for these 3 criteria.

How you do that in prospecting is… hey, I heard you talking about before how you are dissatisfied with your weight. I heard you say you want to lose weight… is it something you need to do, or something you’re grumbling about this week?

You need to lose weight… is this something you really want to do? If it is would you like to learn how to lose 15 pounds of the next 15 days or use whatever your pitch is (obviously this is an example).

Here’s what I need you to be willing to do.
-Take this phone number down
-Attend this address
-I will contact you
-I will send you to a presentation

Is it with 45 minutes of your time to learn how to get this done? Great! What’s your contact number?


Do you want the highest quality and caliber leads? It is your responsibility as a marketer to get them to believe that you have something worthwhile but they still have to meet those 3 criteria. Do they need it, do they want it, are they willing to do what it takes and take action on it.

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MLM Prospecting | How to Find Serious MLM Prospects

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