MLM Prospecting & How To Defeat Phone Fear

network marketing MLM prospecting is an art and science. Many marketers have an aversion to calling leads, be they mlm leads, network marketing leads or any variety of online leads. Leads are the lifeblood of an mlm business but must be converted to partners or customers through the process we call mlm prospecting or prospecting in general. You can learn the mlm prospecting techniques needed but there’s nothing like practice to make it perfect.

The video covers some of the reasons network marketers have phone fear and a few suggested remedies. It seems really stupid that after spending a lot of time and perhaps a bunch of money generating leads that so many marketers are averse to this very important step in mlm prospecting.

Lead flow and getting people to talk to is the number one problem faced by network and affiliate marketing professionals so it’s really important to get over this aversion to picking up the phone after having generating leads. You have to turn leads into prospects and the best way is to call them.

So let’s talk about three things that prevent people from calling their leads and some suggestions to alleviate the problem. The first thing is that many marketers are afraid they will get a negative reaction or a “no” from their leads.

They fear rejection. That’s quite natural so if that’s how you feel take heart; you are not alone because everyone involved in mlm prospecting is in the same boat at one time or another. But if you realize that unless you talk to people and take the chance they will say “no” to you and your offer, you will never stand a chance of getting them to say “yes”. If you also keep in mind they may reject your offer, but they are not rejecting you personally you will be more inclined to persist and make those calls.

So don’t take it personally. What you have may not be a good fit or the timing may be bad. There are many reasons people won’t join you initially. But if you keep in touch they may do so later.

The second stumbling block is not knowing what to say. Well there’s training for that and practice will help a lot. See the link below to get access to a lot of training and expertise that will help. You can also plan a script so you know what you’d like to say. You don’t have to read it word for word but prepare.

Practice with colleagues and your upline. Remember your first call is just to determine level of interest and to expose your prospect to your offer. The first mlm prospecting call should be short and to the point. If you have a qualified lead, that is, someone who is receptive and interested, just let your tools do the talking. Send them to a video or a website that explains your offer. You don’t want to get into a long discussion.

Finally the third thing that keeps people from making that first mlm prospecting call is lack of confidence and belief in themselves and their opportunity. This is a killer. If you don’t have a rock solid belief that what you have to offer is of great benefit to anyone who gets involved you will falter. And if you don’t believe in your own ability to help them and provide leadership, you will not do well and you will be averse to calling your leads.

So work on yourself and educate yourself about your company, your products and the benefits to consumers and participants in your business. Work on yourself as well in terms of confidence. Constantly affirm to your self that you are a leader people are looking for, that people will want to work with you and that you have the ability to help them.

This all takes time and practice but your multilevel marketing prospecting success will improve if you work on these things and persist. Click the link below right now to get access to a free presentation that shows you how to solve the number 1 problem faced by all network marketers which is lack of lead flow and which also provides the training and support you will need to be successful at mlm prospecting once you do generate leads.

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