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network marketing – This is an excellent MLM Prospecting trick I learned on how to build relationship bridges with new leads to help you create trust and belief.

Often when we speak with new prospects about our primary opportunity, their lack of belief isn’t necessarily in the business, but instead is actually in themselves.

It’s your job to give them the optimism to believe they have the potential to succeed if they put their mind to it.

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The psychological bridge I teach in this video will show you how to build that belief within the prospect by first identifying what their experience/career is, and then using an example of someone on your team who has had experience in a similar career who has achieved a level of success in your business as well.

This MLM Prospecting technique is super effective because of something called “The Law of Similarity” which basically says that people are more likely to trust you and be persuaded if they have an example of someone like them who has also succeeded.

This is not manipulative in any way if you use it properly to help benefit people.

I love giving people value and I believe in running a morally and ethically upright business.

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