MLM Prospecting – Five Great Questions To Ask Your Prospect

network marketing
Do you want to get better results in your MLM prospecting

Are you not entirely sure what to say to your prospect or how to naturally convert a prospect into a new team member?

This is a common problem faced by both new and more experienced network marketers alike. Sitting down in front of someone face to face is one of the most powerful recruiting techniques available to network marketers but also for many one of the scariest!

Too many network markets who go into a MLM prospecting meeting talk about themselves and how great their company is without finding out anything about their prospect and why they are even at the meeting. It’s called finding their trigger points.

We find their trigger points by finding out their main problem or goal they would like to achieve and then asking 5 targeted questions about that point. At the end, if you’ve followed the process correctly then your prospect is virtually forced to answer YES to taking your business offering to the next step.

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