MLM Prospecting – 5 Simple Step Process

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MLM Prospecting – 5 Simple Step Process
Get your lead!
Whether you are out and about offline, prospecting, talking to people, whether you’re generating your own leads online, or whether you’re connecting through social media, and finding your leads … People to talk to online. The first step would obviously to be to get your lead. MLM Prospecting Step 1
Call your lead!
Call your lead when you say you’re going to call your lead. If you’ve made an appointment, or you’ve generated that lead do not put it off. I know it can be really hard. Even like myself, I’m juggling all my business all around, and being a busy mum, and I know that sometimes your family can get in the way of your building your business, or the other way around. Pick up the phone, and call your lead when you say you’re going to. Not get the lead on Tuesday, and call them on Thursday. Call your lead as soon as you get it. MLM Prospecting must do number 2
Send them information!
You’ve made your call, you’re going to send them the right information. The right information that is probably aligned with the person that they are. I know some companies might have one video, one generic video that you send out to people. Most companies will probably have quite a variety of information where you can almost tailor-make some information that you’re going to send to that person. Make sure you send that information. MLM Prospecting Step 3.
Follow up when you say you’re going to!
You’ve heard the fortune is in the follow up! I would always be following up probably no more than 48 hours after you’ve sent the information. You don’t want it to go out of their head. You still want it to be fresh in their minds. Don’t leave it for a week later. Don’t procrastinate. Follow up when you say you’re going to follow up, and make sure it’s 24 to 48 hours after you’ve sent that information. MLM Prospecting Step 4.
Convert your lead!
Might sound easier than you think. Absolutely not. Convert that lead. That is the ultimate goal here, but if you stick to these steps, one, two, three, four, five with every prospect part of the … The fortune’s in the follow-up as well as they say. Part of being on time for everything you say you do, and the efficiency in the ……….


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