MLM Prospecting | 4 MLM Recruiting Tips

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MLM Prospecting | 4 MLM Recruiting Tips

This video will show you 4 killer MLM prospecting and MLM recruiting tips when you talk to your MLM leads. In your MLM success journey, first thing you learn is MLM prospecting and MLM recruiting tips because inviting is the KEY to your success in your MLM business.

In this video, I’ll mainly talk about online MLM prospecting when you talk to your leads that you generated online. Talking to cold market MLM leads may sound difficult at the beginning but there are important network marketing recruiting tips that if followed, it will become easier and fun to do:

1. MLM Recruiting Tip#1: Friend them: If you’re expanding your MLM network and generating leads through social media marketing, then friend people nicely first by sending a message first (if using Facebook) or commenting on their blog or video, retweet their content or re-pin their post. These simple acts are highly effecting when it comes to MLM prospecting techniques.

2. MLM Recruiting Tip #2: Offer value: the more value you offer when you’re MLM prospecting the more your MLM leads will get attracted to you. The main reason your prospects are coming to you because they lack something and they need you to help them throw it so listen and educate first to grab their attention.

3. MLM Recruiting Tip #3: Show concern by asking questions: This is a crucial MLM prospecting tip. Asking lots of questions and trying to find where your MLM leads stand in their MLM success journey will help you find their trigger points of weakness which will help you then offer more value (back to tip#2!).

4. MLM Recruiting Tip #4: Ask them about their 5-10 year future plan. What do they have as an exit strategy. Surprisingly people don’t think about that so in your MLM prospecting when you ask them that questions, it will give them food for thought and will help you to throw genuine ideas which may lead to your MLM opportunity.

Creating a bond and a trust relationship with your MLM leads is considered one of the first steps to MLM prospecting and a great MLM recruiting tip. People buy from people that they Know, Like & Trust. Treat your MLM leads the way you were when you first started your MLM business and your MLM Success will grow.

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