MLM Leads – What to say when you call MLM Leads

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There are many scripts that people have used when talking with their MLM leads. Personally, I don’t read a script although I’ve read and practiced quite a few. It’s difficult for me to sound natural if I’m reading something, so I typically follow a plan, but let the words flow out naturally in conversation.

Two things are true when it comes to network marketing, or MLM.

1. If you don’t have prospects/leads, you don’t have a business

2. If you don’t contact those prospects/leads, you don’t have a business

It really comes down to those two facts. If you already have a system of continuously finding people to talk to about your business, then you’ve solved the problem of probably 90+ percent of network marketers. Now you just need to simply reach out and build a relationship based on support and value to those people.

If you happen to be among the 90+ percent of people involved in MLM, then you need to come up with a system for creating new leads on a daily basis.

I recommend My Lead System Pro. There are others out there, but this is the system that works for me.

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I wish you all the best and wild success in your home-business!

Kevin McDougal

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