MLM Leads List | Building A List and A Capture Page In OptimizePress

network marketing Building a list of mlm leads involves several components that are parts of a marketing funnel. One critical element is a capture page otherwise known as a squeeze page. This is the door to your store and the entrance to your sales funnel. Creating a capture page with OptimizePress is relatively easy and is the first step in building a list of leads.

Of course a list is critically important to mlm business owners and network marketing businesses. This video describes the various elements needed to create a list of leads for any business venture, and then to follow up with any leads generated. Following up and communicating with the people on your list is as important as getting them on the list in the first place. If you don’t you will make no mon.ey.

You need a Domain, preferably one branded to you. These are available from many vendors for about 10 dollars per year. A Domain name that contains your name [www yourname dot com] is best because that brands you, not your mlm company. That’s important because once you have built a list of mlm leads you will want to establish good relationships with them, provide value and convert them to buyers and/or business partners. Your mlm company may change but your domain will always be relevant to you if branded in this way.

Along with the Domain you need a hosting service where you can host the domain you will be using for building your mlm leads list. The easiest approach is to develop a WordPress blog that you can use to create capture pages and content to build your list and to provide content to the leads you generate.
3:00 I want to build an mlm leads list of my own
4:45 They need more leads, a steady flow of targeted leads
8:01 I recommend a WordPress installation with Optimizepress as the theme
12:54 You own your mlm leads list
25:25 the secrets to leads online
28:23 free offers to get people to optin to your mlm leads list
Use a theme like OptimizePress so you can easily create converting capture pages to capture leads and build the list. There are other themes but I like Optimizepress. The video demonstrates how to make one of the capture pages. This is the front end of your marketing funnel.

Once your leads optin they go onto your list and if you have an autoresponder set up you can begin to communicate with your leads, provide valuable information and continue to establish a relationship. Your list of leads must be turned into buyers and/or business partners if you are to make any mon.ey. And that is what you want to build an mlm leads list for in the first place.

Building an list also requires that you have an enticing offer for your leads so they will optin to your list. Leading with your mlm opportunity will rarely be successful because you need to target people looking for solutions to a problem. The best target markets for mlm leads are people already with a network marketing business or those looking to make mon.ey online.

If this all sounds too much of a pain, take heart. You don’t have to build it all. You can get all this technical stuff done for you as a member of MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP). They have hosting, pre-built funnels and offers complete with capture pages, sales pages, a free autoresponder, complete training system, the whole ball of wax to make it easy for you to build your list of prospects for your business.
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