MLM LEADS – How To Generate Leads Online For Network Marketing

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MLM LEADS – How To Generate Leads Online For Network Marketing
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Hey guys it’s Nathan Lucas. You might be on this video because you want to know how to generate mlm leads online for network marketing. Great! That’s exactly what I cover in this video.

I started out like any other network marketer: talking to my friends, family and coworkers about my business. Then I even became an Uber driver just to prospect people for my network marketing company. For the life of me, my business wouldn’t grow.

I know for a fact, there are plenty of other people just like me. Well, let me tell you there is hope. I did some research online and found that there is a ton of people who are generating their own leads online using personal branding and attracting marketing.

I looked farther into online marketing and even found that top earners were building their brands online too! Why weren’t network marketing companies this? I hadn’t a clue!

I decided to jump in! Best decision I’ve made in my business. Every entrepreneur should be harnessing the power of the internet! If their not, their not very entrepreneurial… in my mind lol

mlm leads can be generated online by providing value to your target market. You create content in your niche, then give a call to action (CTA) which will bring them to a landing page. On the other side you give something away for free in exchange for their email address. This is how you build your email list.

This is the basics of internet marketing and IT WORKS!!!

If you want to build a successful business, you MUST start implementing this into your business. It’s not even a question. If you don’t do it now because your upline says not to, then you and your upline can continue to live in the past. But EVENTUALLY, BOTH YOU AND YOUR UPLINE WILL BE MARKETING THIS WAY, if you plan on staying an entrepreneur for years to come.

You must be building a list! :-)

Thanks for watching!

Nathan Lucas



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