MLM Leads 2015 – How To Get MLM Leads Online

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MLM Leads 2015. How to get online MLM leads:

Hey, in this video we talk about getting MLM leads in 2015 and strategies for how to get mlm leads online.

Targeted Internet MLM Leads – MLM leads from the internet can be targeted for keywords. So instead of chasing down random people and trying to convert them to the idea of multi level marketing, you can find people already searching for MLM marketing opportunities on the internet. A quick and easy way to do this would be to place a banner ad on a business opportunities website. A longer term process is to write lots of articles and blog posts around business opportunity type keywords.

Facebook Marketing – Social media marketing with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is an excellent way to get more visitors to your blog for free. Simply share you blog posts directly via these platforms to get more quick traffic as opposed to waiting for Google SEO to kick in. A tool called Hootsuite can help you automate your postings into these groups.

Banner Ads – Banner advertising is somewhat old school but can generate good network marketing leads. You simply go to a high traffic website that is ranked highly for your targeted keywords and pay to have your banner displayed in their side bar. Make a really eye catching banner to encourage clicks and send all traffic to a lead capture page.

There are advertising networks that will get you really cheap clicks. Literally for a penny. This is so much cheaper than paying {videoDescription}.30 to {videoDescription}.60 per click for a solo ad or PPC campaign. These ad networks will place your banner ad on their network or niche relevant blogs and websites and you can pay for a large stream of traffic coming to your website. There are also networks that do similar things with CPV (cost per view) traffic for the same ultra low price. There is a learning curve with this but might well be a skill worth mastering.

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