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Everyone needs leads to grow their network marketing or MLM business. Well, in this video, I will show you my 4 step strategy to getting all the leads you need to dominate any opportunity.

Of course it’s important to convert those home business leads as well, but don’t worry because I also explain how you can convert your leads and sponsor them into your home business opportunity.

A lot of people ask me why I recommend using the internet to generate leads. This is a good question but it has a rather simple answer. The leads that you generate yourself online convert a lot better than purchased leads from a company. Unfortunately, if you buy leads from a company, they will typically be unresponsive. Why? It’s because they don’t know who you are so it’s the same as cold calling.

To use the internet network marketing strategies to generate leads, I recommend that you have a blog. People need to see you as an authority and a leader. People want to join leaders who are going places.

Here is a summary:

0:07 You can have a mlm lead generator
0:32 Generate mlm leads using the internet
1:20 Have your own mlm lead generation system
3:34 Offer network marketing course and products

It’s a shame but most of your leads will not want to be a part of your network marketing opportunity. Why is this? It’s because they may already have an opportunity or simply not resonate with the products, comp plan or leadership. You therefore need to offer a mixed portfolio of offers for your leads.


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All the top earners know that you should offer other training besides your business opportunity. There may be prospects that you have who are married to their business opportunity. In other words, they would just not consider leaving it, no matter what. If you can help them get leads for their opportunity, they would most likely pay you good money for it.

On the internet, when you have a mlm lead generator at work, it’s important that you understand something. These people don’t know who you are so don’t expect them to straight away join your opportunity. You need to earn their trust first.

Earn their trust by helping them solve the problems they have. Provide training to help them get leads for their business. When they trust you, they might then join your opportunity or buy a product from you.

After a while, people will reach out to you and show interest in working with you.

Take action on the training and form your own MLM Lead generation system!

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