MLM Genealogy Leads | The Truth About MLM Genealogy Lists

network marketing – Using MLM genealogy leads to build a home business is a popular recruiting method that many networkers have experienced success with. This type of recruiting also has its detractors though who say MLM genealogy lists don’t work. In this video, I want to clear up some common misconceptions about MLM genealogy leads as well as address some basic questions many people have.

#1 — Old MLM Genealogy Lists Vs New MLM Genealogy Lists

Many detractors of MLM genealogy lead recruiting say that MLM genealogy reports are outdated and full of disconnects and wrong numbers. While it is true that there are plenty of old worn out lists being circulated online, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t new lists being developed on a monthly basis. Saying that all MLM genealogy leads are old and full of bad data is a generalization that simply doesn’t make sense.

I 100% agree that you don’t want to purchase an old worn out MLM genealogy reports. These lists are often overworked and extremely dated. You can usually spot these old lists because they are being sold online for hardly anything and you will see that multiple list brokers our offering the same list.

Instead, of purchasing one of these old MLM genealogy files, you are much better off getting a newer cleaner database that hasn’t been hit by hundreds of people. At we don’t sell the old lists that are being heavily circulated by other list brokers. Instead, we compile new data and target it by company experience, past buying habits and even geographic locations.

#2 — MLM Genealogy Leads Vs Opportunity Seeker Leads

When it comes to prospecting, there are several differences between MLM genealogy leads and opportunity seeker leads. First, many generic opportunity seekers are tire kickers that are looking for a job instead of an actual business. At least when you contact someone with network marketing experience, you know they have invested in a business in the past and have some understanding of MLM.

Second, most opportunity seeker leads are way overpriced. As someone who has been involved with network marketing since 2002, I personally don’t think you should spend more than 30 cents on ANY lead that you didn’t generate yourself. Many opportunity seeker leads cost to per lead with some even costing more. For 0 you could get a great list of 1,000+ network marketing downline leads compared to 50 to 100 opportunity seekers who filled out a generic work from home form online.

#2 — Working MLM Genealogy Leads Vs Other Recruiting Methods

I personally believe that there is a ton of great ways for a person to build a home business and recruiting from MLM genealogy lists is one of them. The truth is what works for one person might not work for the next though. Many people who tell you MLM genealogy lead recruiting doesn’t work are doing so while trying to pitch you on another business building method.

Attraction marketing, social networking and personal lead generation are all awesome business building techniques that I personally use and recommend. At the same time, leads are the lifeblood of any network marketing business, and not everyone is capable of generating 100’s of their own leads on a daily basis. This is why having a source of additional targeted leads that fit within your budget plays an important role in any MLM business.

In closing, MLM genealogy leads can be a smart and economical way to build a business if marketed to correctly. If you want to have success using this method though, than stay away from old burnt out lists. Instead, check out for new networker lists, geographically targeted databases and the training you need to be successful.

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