MLM Genealogy Leads | A Good Investment?

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If you are reading this article that means that you have been wondering about MLM genealogy leads. Are they good investment? Or are they a waste of your time and money?

0:10 What are MLM Genealogy Leads?
1:22 The Truth About These Leads Lists
2:10 What Quality Are They?
3:22 The Ethics of Cold Calling MLM Genealogy Leads
3:51 How Companies Make Money From Selling These Lists
4:50 The Much Better System For Lead Generation
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Well, first of all.. what exactly are MLM genealogy leads? Basically MLM genealogy leads lists are lists you can buy that will give the entire downline or genealogy line from an MLM company. Now these lists are usually from network marketing companies that have gone out of business. The attraction is that you will get everyone’s name, email address, phone number, address and more and that these people know about network marketing and they are just waiting for you to call them up and tell them about your business.

Don’t buy into that. It’s not true. You don’t know how old these lists are. They could be from a company that went out of business a few months ago, or a few years ago. Likely anyone who had been involved with one of these companies has already moved on, or they did not have a good experience with their MLM and are jaded.

Another reason you should stay away from MLM genealogy leads is the ethical factor. You really have no idea how the person selling you this list came about it in the first place. Also, the people you are cold calling are not expecting you to call. They didn’t op-in somewhere. You are basically spamming these people trying to sell them your business when they never asked for it in the first place. And that’s not cool.

Also, the MLM genealogy leads companies are a business. They want to make money. These lists are expensive, on the low end 0. And you can be sure that you are not the only person they are selling this list to. So you have to think that when you are calling these leads that they have been contacted by many others before. How would that make you feel, to get call after call about someone’s network marketing company at your home on your personal time? That could be quite frustrating.

So what could you do instead of wasting money and time on MLM genealogy leads? You could find a system that will teach you to harness the power of the Internet and create your own leads. Leads that are laser targeted. Leads that actually come to you and want to talk to you.

There is a great system out there that teaches you to do exactly that. This system has taught thousands of network marketers how to generate leads through specific tools and training. All the training is done by top income earners in the network marketing industry who have used and perfected these methods of social media marketing.

Ask yourself this, “Are you ready to take your business to the next level?” Of course you are. What would it do for your business if you generated 10, 15 or more leads a day and these people came to you? It would change everything. Now that you know, click the link to watch a free presentation that explains exactly what this system is and how it can help you.

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