MLM Facebook Prospecting: Amateurs vs Pros

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MLM Facebook Prospecting: The difference between a pro and an amateur MLMers on Facebook

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Pros walk the walk
The pro works and prospers in silence.
They let their success do all the talking for them.
They don’t post things on social media like:

“Save your spot now!”
“I’m looking for 3 more people who want to make money from home!”

or my favorite

I’ve reached my limit of 5000 friends! I’ll be making some cuts so if you want me to keep you as a friend, make sure to comment, “Keep me!”

You’ll never see a pro do that on social media because they don’t have time to do it. They are just working their tails off and producing to be worried about that stuff.

They walk the walk.

They do 3 things on social media
-provide value

You can recognize the real pro because they don’t use any hype in their marketing. They are qualifying people to see if they are good enough to be on the team instead of convincing people that their mlm is best.

Amateurs talk the talk
Amatuers do more talking then producing.
They post links that most people really don’t care about on their wall.
“Join my team now!”
“Team call tonight! Don’t miss out!”

The real amateurs will change their profile pic to their company logo and they will spam their friends on fb with a message that looks something like this

“I’ve started a business called (no one cares) we have the best product in the world, it’s scientifically proven and created by professor so and so from (prestigious) University. We have the greatest compensation plan! blah blah blah here’s the link to join me.”

Amateurs use a lot of hype trying to lure people to join them. Hype actually works on social media but it doesn’t track the people that you are looking for. If your prospect is attracted to hype, then they are very likely to move on to the next shiny object once they get bored. They’ll notice some new hype somewhere else and follow that.

Don’t be amateur. Let your results speak for you.

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