(MLM) Cold Market Prospecting – MLM Tips #28

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Are you still Cold Market Prospecting? Why? Isn’t consistently generating a warm-market a much better approach? Of course it is.

I want to shift your mindset and help you to understand that there is a better way to prospecting. It’s marketing to a warm market that you are continuously growing and generating.

If you want the quick answer; it’s MLM Lead Generation & Training. This is the only resource that I give to anyone who is looking to go from where they are now – to where they want to be in their business.

What is your cold market?

A cold market is a group of people that you do not know, or they do not know you, and you are marketing to them. You, the marketer, know that they exist and you are trying to get them to purchase something from you, through you, or through an organization.

Most people skip a step and simply advertise directly to a cold-market. This is virtually pointless. It wastes, time, money, effort, energy, and potential frustration/anger from the customer.

Just a few years ago, this was the only option. Before the Internet, before mainstream technology, we had many Network Marketers go to the grocery store, the bank, a parking lot, the park, and many other places to simply try to recruit people, or sell them a product or a service. This is how business was done by a lot of people only a short time ago (many unknowing people still do this today).


Your Warm Market Is Better Than Cold Market Prospecting (Any Day Of The Week!)

Almost any sane person would agree that a warm market is better than a cold market. Your warm market is a market where people already know you, like you, trust you, or something to that nature. Someone who is aware of you and what you are doing, and hasn’t ran away. The warm market is the market where people are definitely more open to hearing what you have to offer.

In general, if you called/talked to/presented to 100 cold-market prospects and offered an opportunity, and you did the same with 100 warm-market prospects and offered them the same opportunity, the reality is, you will have a higher success-rate with a warm market.

Why? Because they have seen you/your brand before. They already know you, like you, or trust you to some degree. They are open to hearing what you have to say. This gets butts in seats, ears at phones, eyes on paper, etc…as a marketer this is what you want.

So, why continue to market to a cold market when you could market to a warm market? Not sure.

Generating A Warm Market

The reality is that most people do not know how to create a woman market. Most people have their friends, their family, & a few co-workers to talk to. But once those people dry up, then who do you share your MLM opportunity with? Most people do not know how to create a consistent lead flow of warm prospects.

As an effective marketer, we should be either looking for offline situations that can attract people to us into our warm market, or online situations that attract people to us. The fundamental to attract people to us, is offering value. In my opinion, online lead generation and the online warm market is a much simpler approach than the offline approach. Learn how to generate leads online, and the cat is in the bag. I have attached a link. Be sure to learn from it. This is the only resource that has my stamp of approval.

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