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MLM Attraction Marketing

What exactly is MLM Attraction Marketing?

It is quite simply the method of attracting new leads to you rather than having to use old school prospecting methods. Instead of wasting your valuable time chasing down leads who are not interested in your opportunity, you can use effective marketing to attract leads that will make good business partners.

This is powerful because the process can be automated using the Internet and you can have a business that is fun again!

Here is a summary:

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0:22 Get Free MLM Leads using these methods
1:50 Provide MLM Marketing Training to help your leads
3:14 Get the ebook to learn how to build your MLM Marketing System

Unfortunately, within the network marketing industry, there is a strong reliance on bad marketing. Instead of being told to go out and market your business, you are told to try and recruit anyone with a pulse. These tactics are just not effective.

You will be told to introduce your business opportunity to your friends and family to see if they are “open” to what you are offering. The problem with this approach is that it lacks any kind of targeting whatsoever. There is no option of pre-qualifying the leads that you have. Instead, it is purely a scatter-gun approach.


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A better approach would be to use the power of the Internet to generate leads online. This is great because that way you can produce your website to attract a specific niche that you would like to work with. By giving something away for free such as a free report, you can use your web traffic to build a marketing list that you can establish rapport and trust with.

A Blog is a great thing to have to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. You can have it as your central hub where all of your new content lies. By building up lots of content, this will increase your daily web traffic and each day you can get leads.

You shouldn’t only promote your business opportunity. You should also sell affiliate products that will help bring more cashflow to your business that can be invested into more paid advertising.

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