Marketing On Instagram To Generate MLM Leads

network marketing Are you a social media marketer? Are you marketing your MLM business on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest? Have you ever considered marketing on Instagram to grow your network marketing, or internet business?

0:28. Instagram is a powerful social media app that you can use to attract more leads for your MLM business. Here are a few other apps you can use along with Instagram, to help you grab more MLM leads, affiliate sales, and grow your business.

0:43. At the end you’re going to have access to a free Instagram webinar, so value-packed full of amazing tips on how to generate online leads using Instagram.

1:02. Now when you’re using the Instagram app, it’s much different than if you are trying to navigate through it on your computer vs your mobile device. Instagram is an app primarily for mobile, such as an Apple or Android device, so you won’t be able to do much from your computer. But there is a site you can use to do so where it will be easier for you to navigate and communicate with your followers.

1:02. The first tool I’d like to share with you to help you navigate through your Instagram account and feed when operating on a laptop or desktop is a site called When marketing on Instagram, this site can help you while you’re on your desktop or laptop, in communicating, liking, commenting, and sharing posts of yours and your followers.

2:12. The next tool I’m going to share with you when marketing on Instagram, is an app called Just Unfollow. This app allows you to see who is following you, has unfollowed you, are is not following you, after you have followed that Instagram user. If you go and follow a bunch of people within your niche or community, Just Unfollow will connect with your Instagram account and shows who is following you back. When marketing on Instagram, you don’t want to keep following people who are not going to follow you back. You should be connecting with people that are business minded, positive, and want to get motivation, inspiration, and are sharing inspiration themselves. So Just Unfollow helps you market on Instagram by allowing you to follow and get followed by the right kind of people.

3:05. Another good app for mobile to help with your marketing on Instagram is Repost. This app lets you easily take someone’s inspirational quote, training information, or what not and share it with your Instagram followers. When you start getting tons of followers, you will begin to see their posts and Repost is, in essence, the same as a Share on Facebook, or a Retweet on Twitter. Repost lets you show other people that you are willing to help them be noticed when they have good content to share. This will also help you get more Instagram followers, who will lead to mlm leads.

3:53. The next app for mobile for marketing on Instagram is an app called Instaframe. This app allows you to create photo collages, build cool pictures, with all kinds of neat little effects for your pics that you post up on your Instagram wall. This will make you posts look so much more interesting and fun. What you’re trying to do is attract your followers, get them liking your stuff and seeing the interesting lifestyle you have created. You want them to come to your Instagram wall and say, wow, they’ve got some cool stuff going on, how are they doing that and what is it that they do? You want to create an attraction around your lifestyle. That is how you can get more leads for your mlm, network marketing business, or your internet business.

4:30. When marketing on Instagram, you’re going to be utilizing tons of different #Tags, like Twitter does (short for Hashtags). TagsForLikes is another app that will help you maintain all of the tags within your niche and topic that you’re posting about. So instead of always having to retype 20 different tags every time you post about MLM tips, you can copy and paste a whole list that you have created and can keep adding to.

5:35. The last app shared here that can help you with your marketing on Instagram is called Instaquote. This app is great for sharing inspiration, motivation, and success quotes on your Instagram account. These quotes will help you inspire others and find people who want to be inspired and take action. Instaquote is a great app for you to utilize when you’re tying to attract other people. You can use the quotes within the app, create your own, and mix it up so it looks fun, exciting, and interesting. You can even use you own pics right from your mobile device, and add the quote to it, so if you where just on top of a mountain with a beautiful view and have a picture of it, you can type your inspirational quote right on top of that pic. People are going to see that you’re living a lifestyle that they want to be a part of or create for themselves. This is ultimately how you can generate unlimited amounts of leads for your internet, mlm business.

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