Live MLM Prospecting Call – Network Marketing Inviting Call

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Live MLM Prospecting Call – Network Marketing Inviting Call

I can’t believe that I never even THOUGHT of omitting the company name on my LIVE prospecting calls…

NOW I can use these clips as generic training for the MASSES and not only for my team :)

You wanna get FILTHY RICH in Network Marketing do you?

Well then… do THIS 30 times per day and train your team to do the same!

Remember that you cannot say the RIGHT thing to the WRONG person (when the timing is wrong) and you cannot say the WRONG thing to the RIGHT person (when the timing is right).

It’s a NUMBERS game ;)



You may contact Marc M. Lalonde (aka The Wealthy Trainer) directly by phone at:

Local Cell (Ottawa, Canada): 1-613-804-8474
Toll-free (North America): 1-844-426-8474

Or feel free to connect with Marc on Facebook anytime at

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Included here are screenshots of the MLSP (My Lead System Pro) back-office Leader Boards to show you that Marc Lalonde has climbed to these number one spots while only being involved with MLSP (My Lead System Pro) for a couple of months…

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