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The Most Overlooked Step In MLM Building A Memory Jogger List

The common problem I see in network marketing today, is that most people who get involved fail to create a memory jogger list! They may at best jot down a few names of friends and family, who

they believe for sure will take a look at their opportunity and join!

But then they get their feelings hurt when the people they believed without a shadow of doubt would join, flat out tell them NO their not interested, because it looks like a pyramid scheme, or

any other excuse that’s appropriate for the day.

Most times when I speak to prospects I discover that the main reason they failed in previous opportunities, was because they didn’t build a list and usually had fear of rejection of what others

would think about them building a mlm business.

I can relate to being uncomfortable in the past, when talking with family and friends who ridiculed me for stepping out on faith, and deciding to build a home based business! At times I can

remember them making fun of me for going to events, and constantly asking me how much money have I made yet? So if you’re going through this now you’re on the right track because its normal!

The reality of the matter is that to have success in building a thriving network marketing business, you will have to talk to lots and lots of people and that will only be possible, if you’re

actively building a memory jogger list and adding new names to that list on a daily basis. Your job is to sort and look for people who are open and ready to take action now!

The members of your own family:
• Father and Mother
• Father-In-Law/Mother-In-Law
• Grandparents
• Children
• Brothers & Sisters
• Aunts & Uncles
• Nieces & Nephews
• Cousins

List you already have:
• Current address book/online
contact manager
• Email addresses list
• Cell phone contacts
• Holidays cards list
• Wedding invite list
• Child’s birthday invitee list
• Business cards list
• Social media:
– Facebook
– LinkedIn
– Plaxo
– Twitter
– Skype

Your closest friends and those whom
you associate regularly:
• Friends & Neighbors
• People you work with
• Church members
• Hobby buddies:

– Camping friends
– Dancing class associates
– Drawing class
– Fantasy Football league
– Fishing buddies
– Hunting friends
– Karate class buddies
– Singing class
– Sculpting
– Woodworking friends
– Workout friends

People with whom you play:
– Bowling
– Football
– Golf
– Racquetball
– Tennis
– Volleyball
– Any other game

Those you do business with:
• Auto mechanic
• Accountant
• Banker
• Babysitter/Child care provider
• Car dealer
• Dentist (your kids too)
• Doctor (your kids too)
• Dry cleaner
• Grocer/Gas station attendant
• Hair stylist/barber
• Housekeeper
• Insurance agent
• Lawyer
• Merchants
• Pharmacist
• Real Estate Agent
• Travel Agent

Who are my …?

• Architect
• Associations members
• Bus driver
• Butcher/Baker
• Computer Tech
• Children’s friends parents
• Chiropractor
• Club members
• Delivery person
• FedEx/UPS Driver
• Fireman
• Florist
• Jeweler
• Leasing Agent
• Mailman
• Minister/Pastor & their wife
• Pet Groomer
• Photographer
• Police
• Property Manager
• Sports Team members (your kids too
& their parents)
• Tailor
• Veterinarian
• Waitresses/Waiter (my favorite)
• Water Supplier

Those you have been associated
with in the past:
• Former Coach
• Former Co-workers
• Former Roommates
• Former Teacher
• People in your Home Town
• Previous Neighbors
• Military Cohorts
• Retired Co-workers
• Schoolmates
• Was Your Boss

Who Sold me my …
• Air conditioner
• Boat
• Business cards
• Camper
• Car/Truck
• Computer
• Cell phone
• Dishwasher/Laundry machine
• Equipment/Supplies
• Fishing license
• Furniture
• Glasses/Contacts
• House
• Hunting license
• Refrigerator
• Tires and Auto parts
• TV/Stereo
• Vacuum cleaner
• Wedding items

I know individuals who:
• Are Actively looking for
part-time job
• Are Ambitious
• Are Enthusiastic
• Are Entrepreneurial
• Are Caring People
• Are Champions
• Are Fun & Friendly
• Are Fund -Raisers
• Are Goal Oriented
• Are Natural Leaders
• Are Organized
• Are Positive Thinking
• Are Self-Motivated
• Are Single Mom/Dad
• Are Team Players
• Are Your Children’s
Friends Parents
• May be interested in your product
or service?
• Don’t like their Job
• Has Been in Network Marketing
• Has Character & Integrity
• Has Children in College
• Has Computer & Internet skills
• Has Dangerous Job
• Has Desire & Drive
• Has a Great Smile
• Has to Pay down their Credit
Card Debt
• Has Public Speaking skills
• Just Got Married
• Just Graduated
• Just Had a Baby
• Just Quit their Job or is Out of
• Love a Challenge
• Love to Learn New Things
• Want to Help their Spouse
Retire Early
• Want to Make More Money
• Want More Time with their

• Want to Work for Themselves
• Who Attends Self–Improvement
• Who Bought New Home/Car
• Who Enjoys being around High

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