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Texting Network Marketing Prospects

One of the things you’ll often hear me say is “Talk Less To More People.” In the inviting stage you simply do not want to say too much to your prospect because you want to allow your company tools to do the presenting. But you know as much as I do we all seem to verbally vomit all over people, especially when we are new.

That’s why texting network marketing prospects to invite them to a presentation can be super helpful for a new person. Even for a well established network marketer, texting is becoming more ideal simply because of the way we interact these days.

Does texting replace the excitement and enthusiasm heard in the voice? Not at all. But texting does overcome the awkwardness and weirdness that many reps display when inviting prospects to a presentation.
Tips On How To Use Texting For Inviting

Your one purpose of texting is to set an appointment to show your presentation. Remembering this allows you to cut out unnecessary words and information. You are simply texting to invite, not to present or to explain.

In today’s video I share the tips below.

Keep It Personal – don’t get weird and robotic. Text just like you would to your best friend (or bff in this case).
Keep It Simple – you are simply inviting, not presenting. There is no need to explain, just invite.
Do Not Over Analyze – just make conversation in a natural way. If you over think it, you lose.
Consistently Invite – text at least 10 people each day to set appointments.
Provide Meeting Options – give at least two options when suggesting a time to meet.
24-48 Hours In Advance – invite 1 or 2 days in advance, not any further (unless you’re traveling to their locale).
Confirm The Date – once you have the appointment set, let them know you’ve added the time to your calendar.

Why Texting Your Prospects Works

As I mentioned earlier, many new reps are terrified of the phone. In order to help your rep get off to a quick start most new recruits will have very little resistance to texting. For most, that should be reason enough because you always want to help your new rep get off to a fast start in network marketing. Having them text an invite will get them started immediately by setting up some appointments and seeing some immediate success.

Since you are simply setting an appointment, there should be very low resistance to getting together for coffee or lunch.

Another reason texting works for inviting your prospects is because of the way our society has embraced texting. Here are a few statistics around texting that I heard on a recent training webinar with Dave and Lori Smith:

90% of American adults have a cell phone.
58% of American adults have a smartphone.
143 Million smartphones are in use in the United States.
91% say their phone is in reach 24/7.
78% admit they take their phone to the restroom with them.
95% of all personal text messages get a response.
93% of texts are seen within 3 minutes of receipt.

Keep in mind, this does not say 93% responds in three minutes, so if your network marketing prospect does not respond quickly do not freak out. They may be driving, working, out for a jog or simply busy doing something else.

If you find your texts are not getting a response, evaluate what you are sending and change up what you are sending. Keep in mind, you are only trying to set an appointment in order to make the presentation, not MAKE the presentation through text.

Text Scripts For Network Marketers / Inviting

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