How To Qualify MLM Leads For Your Time

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Hey! — Terry Gremaux here for my first blog post with my fresh-new brand called “The Live Networker”.  We’ll get more into the reasons “why the change” a touch later in this blog post.

If you keep reading, you’ll discover how to recruit other network marketers, some recruiting secrets to keep cash in your pockets, plus even how to make MLM work for you.

With so many ways to recruit people, how do you know which is best? 

I firmly believe it has much to do with your personality.  If you are not comfortable when talking to people, well then you may want to be a home-based recruiter & focus on social media.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Instagram are very powerful strategies to use when promoting your opportunity and company.  If you love people face-to-face, the question of “how to recruit people in network marketing” (your company) is a lot simpler.  You can find people anywhere on the planet and recruit them into your MLM organization.

Eric Worre over at Network Marketing Pro shot this cool video on how to never run out of prospects.  If you love being around people, this here may be something you really like.  Enjoy it!

Before we get into the 7 ways to easily find people to recruit into your business, let’s talk about your #1 job as a network marketer.


Qualifying MLM Leads For Your Time

Qualifying people for your time will either create success or become a HUGE time waste for you.  If you don’t discover this quickly in your network marketing journey, it’s likely that you will quit on your dreams.

I don’t care where you get leads for your business.  You must qualify your leads (people to talk to) for your time.  This is the most important recruiting strategy you’ll ever come across.

When I first talk with you (if you were a prospect), you have about 90 seconds.  From the first word you say, I’m judging you, your character and if I want to work with you for the long-term.  My initial job is to see if you’re worth the investment of time and if you’re a good fit for what we do.

NOT whether or not I can close you!

I am looking for things like…

Is your energy high?

Are you negative?

How do you talk about MLM and the network marketing industry?

Do you like MLM?

Do you have a burning inner desire to succeed?

Is your “want-to” high enough?

Do you like the products that my company offers (I always ask “Are you health conscious?”)

Are you snappy or have attitude?

Are you rude at all?

You get to work with EXACTLY who YOU want to.  You get to decide!  Most people act as if they have no choice.

Decide if you want to work with your prospect for the long-term immediately and get off the phone if they’re not someone who I’d love to hang with, spend time with & travel with.

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