How To Get Targeted MLM Leads Using Facebook Ads?

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How To Get Targeted MLM Leads Using Facebook Ads? –

Are getting targeted mlm leads for your business? You know leads that actually have an interest in your product, service and opportunity.

Targeted mlm leads that reached out to you because they want what you have? No.

Guess what? With Facebook Ads getting the best mlm leads has never been easier.

Maybe you don’t care about MLM or network marketing, but any good business appreciates a good lead. But if you’re not setting up your ads correctly, you could wind up spending a lot of money and not having much to show from it.

This post and video below is to quickly share how to get your ad up and running so you can begin generating targeted mlm traffic and targeted mlm leads for your business.

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5 Tips To Get Targeted MLM Leads Using Facebook Ads

Once you follow these 5 steps, you will get targeted MLM leads using Facebook ads.

1. Create Something of Value for Your Audience

Most people when they run ads on Facebook, they treat it like their advertising on television or on a billboard. They basically are trying to sell something – their product, service or opportunity.

If you want to attract highly targeted mlm leads to you, you need to offer your audience something of value, something that answers a question or problem they have.

2. Create a Landing Page or Capture Page

I personally use a marketing system ( that gives me the ability to create a capture your page quickly and easily.

The primary goal of the capture page is to quickly get the name, e-mail and possibly the phone number of the visitor and get them the value you promised them.

3. Create the Facebook Ad

This step is pretty extensive when it comes to creating the ad. I’m actually going to go deep into this on the training on Tuesday, but you want to:

• Choose a Facebook destination or enter a URL
• Create Headline & Text
• Insert an image

For the first step, put in the capture page that you’re sending the targeted mlm traffic to. Next, it’s time to create your headline and text.

For the headline, I typically will call out my prospects and hit a pain point or challenge that the offer I solve.

The text will typically contain the sentence that is actually displayed on my landing page. When you include content that is on the actual landing page, the Facebook approval rate increases dramatically. They want to see that the ad and the landing page are relevant and matched up.

To design my images, I use a free resource –

4. Select Your Audience

At this step, you will select your audience. Let’s say you want to target people who like Shark Tank. Your ad will be displayed to anyone who either likes the Shark Tank Facebook Page or has Shark Tank in their profile. This means that they are likely to be a fan of the show.

You can also add age and other interest in variables to fail in your audience.

5. Set Your Budget and Place Ad

Finally, to see if something is working, you need data. Not a few hours or a day, more like 2 – 3 days. I run ads typically for a few days to test and make adjustments along the way. When I select my budget, I do about between and a day. Once I find a winning ad, I increase the amount of money I spend.

If you follow these 5 simple steps, I GUARANTEE that you will get targeted MLM Leads using Facebook Ads.

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