How to Get Qualified Free Network Marketing Leads

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How to Get Qualified Free Network Marketing Leads

Today, I’d like to chime in about “duds” in the Network Marketing industry.

Many network marketers bring up the dreaded concern regarding “duds.” What is a “dud” when used in the context of Network Marketing? Quite simply, and my intent is not to offend, it is the tire-kicking or “want to live off of free lunches” crowd that 99% of the time end up wasting your time and their time by joining your opportunity. This is essentially dead weight that’s just going to sit around expecting you to do all of their business building for them and are absolutely and positively the worse kind of network marketing leads you can bring into your organization.

When they come to the conclusion that this is not going to happen, they end up leaving with the attitude that “Network Marketing sucks! It’s nothing but a rip off …,” ad nauseam infinitum. TANSTAAFL! Stop feeling sorry for yourselves, put in the hard work in a legitimate opportunity, and reap the rewards of your hard work!

This is not cool because everyone involved from the upline to the disgruntled distributor ends up on the losing end with wasted time and money under their respective belts, and it makes it that much harder to break through this stigma when it comes to building true rock solid residual incomes since sadly most people, including those who have what it takes to succeed in Network Marketing, tend to be swayed by all the negativity thereby costing you those potential six-figure earners in your organization.

With that said I am of the mindset that when one goes about seeking potential partners for their Network Marketing businesses, that the search for your potential new downline distributors be handled in the same manner as any conventional employer handles the conventional hiring process. In other words, if John or Jane Prospect is qualified, motivated, and committed to improving their lives, they’re in!

So, Let’s Focus on Qualified Network Marketing Leads Only!

Make sure that your marketing communications effectively convey the following premise to your advertising and promotion audience, though not necessarily in this wording as it should be written as to what works best for you and tailored for your opportunity…

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How to Get Qualified Free Network Marketing Leads …

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