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They laughed when I said I was switching to off-line recruiting…
I’ll never forget that team ‘pep talk’ conference call.

It was not long ago…

We were all on a conference call, my upline and all his team, about 130 people – and a good number were in my downline.

“You guys need lead prosperity,” droned Greg, our upline guru, “…the person with the most leads wins, and that means buying more leads. Let’s hear from some of our top producers, to see what they are doing to bring about lead prosperity… Dave, let’s start with you…”

Yeah Dave. Greg’s number one lap dog. Greg brought Dave over with him and built under his position. Dave used to be Greg’s upline in their old company.

“That’s great advice Greg,” praised Dave, “you have to spend good money to make good money, and buying these online Internet leads is state-of-the-art. I’m mean, that’s where all the action is.”

After the chorus of ‘Amen’s’ from most of the flock, one of the newbies who didn’t not know any better, said, ‘Can I ask a question Greg?’

And before Greg could cut him off, this new guy went on, “Is it just me, or is anyone else struggling with these Internet leads? I mean hardly any one answers the phone, and those that do – no one remembers filling out a form, or seems to have the slightest interest in Network Marketing — and some are downright rude with me for calling them. Is it just me, or is everyone having this problem?”

Boy, did I know how true that was.

Greg decided to avoid the issue and solved it by asking me to respond, so I would look like the bad guy.

I hadn’t expected to be called out on a call, it was my first time being asked my opinion.

“Well, Well, I stammered,”

What would I do, curry favor with Greg… or tell the truth?

While I was thinking, Greg said “Come on Andy, you’ve been doing really great in the last 30 days, 9 new distributors and a lot of qualifying volume, you’re having a great month.”

Greg knew I was really doing well in the last 30 days by reading his backoffice stats.

He figured I was doing what he preached, buying those so-called leads.

Those really were crap leads.

“Well to be honest Greg, I gave up on those ‘so-called’ leads two months ago, and started focusing on recruiting offline, and it’s really working great.”

Greg and Dave started to snicker and giggle.

As soon as I heard their laughter I shut up. I figured I better stop now, and not get into any more trouble, but all of a sudden everyone else was talking!

“How did you do it?”

“What are you doing?”

“Offline, what is it?”

“Is it expensive?”

“Can anyone do it?”

“Andy, you’ve got to share, what’s your secret?”

“Come on and tell us!”

I forgot all about my upline and his buddy and started to explain.

“You see, like most of you I had reached the end of my patience and had given up on buying leads, nothing that came from the internet seemed to work for me.”

“A few months ago,” I continued, “I saw an interesting ad for a book on written by David Williams — a new method of prospecting using real everyday tourist postcards that cost peanuts. I read up about it and learned of a guy who started recruiting INTERESTED prospects, which actually called him after getting his card.”

“The book was called How to Prospect and Recruit using Postcards for your MLM or NetworkMarketing Business The Low cost Prospecting and Recruiting Tool that OutPerforms Online Methods. It was less than , and it showed step by step how to prospect for those who were actually INTERESTED in a business by simply mailing postcards.”

Dave jumped in ‘Look we all know about those glossy MLM hype cards, they are much more expensive than our online leads!”

“That’s just it Dave, these aren’t those ugly glossy pre-printed expensive cards, nor are they those ugly ‘print yourself all text’ cards. The author, David Williams shows you a special way for anyone to create personalized postcards, but in a mostly automated way — it’s frankly amazing.”

“Putting the system together was as simple as the book said it would be, and after a short time was altogether too easy. Best of all the people who are recruited by postcard prospecting all want to use them too because they know it works — in fact most had quit other MLMs because they had no methods to prospect. I sponsored 9 new people and 3 more are signing up tomorrow. And all of this success came from a little book I bought on Amazon.”

You can order your copy of How to Prospect and Recruit using Postcardsfor your MLM or Network Marketing Business from Amazon too, and start prospecting right away. Order now.

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