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You joined your business to make money, right?

But, doing things “your company’s way” can take up to 3 to 5 years (AT LEAST) to build a significant 6-figure business. But you don’t have that much time (or don’t want to wait)!

Chances are, you probably need to earn money (bill-paying-money) now. Enough to supplement (even support) your family right away, is that right?

Well, the only way you can earn that kind of money is to add a boatload of people. (Actually, there is another way to earn more money up-front with fewer sign-ups, but I’ll show you that neat little trick in a minute).

Inside you’ll learn how to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) much faster than the traditional “earning” curve of your fellow network marketers, and here’s just a small taste of how you’ll do that…

1. Want the fastest way to get to the top of your compensation plan? (The most critical element you should focus on, to hit your top compensation (get this one thing right and recruiting becomes almost fall-over easy.)

2. Never Do “1-on-1″ Sales Pitches Again. A method to present your sales message to “Sold-out” arenas of prospects, without leaving the comfort of your home.

3. How to put 50, 70, even over 100 people every week in front of your meetings. Revealed! My secret formula to drive masses of titillated prospects to your sales message.

4. Recruiting on Steroids: my little-used, mechanical trick to pump up your recruiting numbers automatically every week.

5. How to maximize your income while putting in minimum effort- once you see the return you get with this, nothing else comes close…

6. How to make big money with less work than you probably do at your job now… Hate your job? Don’t worry, your working days are numbered :)

7. “Company Paid Vacation, Car Allowance, & Leader Bonus, Oh my!” How to capture every top company prize, working less than the “big boys”.

Let’s assume you got some decent prospects and you’re 100% behind your company’s products/services, comp plan, etc.

What good does that do you if you have no idea what to say to get your prospects to take a look at what you got?

The blueprint will also reveal…

8. “Eek! Pyramid Scheme!” Finally, an easy to use (But incredibly effective) way to eliminate the most common (and annoying) response your prospect has. (And NO it’s not that cheesy line about “all businesses are pyramids with the boss at the top and blah, blah, blah… that line sucks!)

9. Never Convince Again! My simple secret to completely eliminate begging or pleading prospects to join your business.

10. 3 “Can’t-Miss” Ways to Get More People to Your Business Meetings: (And how to get them to actually show up!) Once you discover this little gem, you’ll wonder why anybody would want to do it differently.

11. Arm-twisting teeth-pulling & groveling, be gone! My simple mindset-adjustment to get prospects paying close attention and solidify your position as a leader in their mind.

12. Limitless High Quality MLM Leads: Where to find lists of thousands (tens of thousands) laser-targeted prospects desperate for your stuff.

13. Dirt Cheap Leads (That ROCK!): How to get those mountains of high quality leads for pennies a piece.

14. No more crappy leads: What you must do to ensure the lists you get are the highest quality and not of people who have no idea why you’re calling.

15. Why “traditional” objection handling techniques are killing your recruiting numbers.

16. 3 things all networkers do that make prospects think you’re a liar. And what you can do to earn the trust of even the most disbelieving skeptic.

17. How to make closing the easiest part of your business. Most networkers dread “the close’, but follow my step-by-step process and you’ll make closing a breeze.

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