How to Generate Leads on Instagram

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For online network marketing, Instagram is a fun way to generate leads and boost your business. You can learn how to generate leads on Instagram and I have some proven tips for you.

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Instagram has so many ways to get leads for your business from the 300+ Million active monthly users.

You can spend 30 minutes a day using your smart phone to generate leads on Instagram. And it’s FREE. All it costs is your time.

Instagram is a powerful social media platform that you can use to get leads.

People enjoy looking at images which is the foundation of using Instagram marketing. Visual appeal is important and the key to using Instagram to attract leads for network marketing or any business.

0:54 Create appealing Instagram bio
1:13 Showcase your products
1:52 Create personal Instagram hashtags
2:24 Share group photos

Grab your free Instagram cheat sheet to get more leads –

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