How To Follow Up With Your Networking Marketing Leads

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How to follow up with your Network Marketing leads?
Have you attended a networking event? Are you following up with your leads? Most people don’t follow up. They don’t follow for different reasons. Probably the most common is fear. Fear of rejection, fear of the phone or fear of what not sure in what to say.
How to follow up with your leads after attending networking event?
Let’s start by how to find networking events that are local, free, don’t cost you any money. What I suggest is do a Google search and look for local networking events. You certainly can come up with several options. It’s pretty simple.
I suggest paying close attention on how to dress up to up for the networking event. Take a close look to what the dress code is and dress accordingly. I was told once that it’s better to be overly dressed than under dressed.
What not to do when you attend a networking event. What most people do, they attend networking events, start talking to people and instead of focusing on to build relationship, rapport and trust, they start talking all about them. The word I and my company, becomes the common denominator. How would you feel if somebody that you just met started to pitch you? I I would say, you just would want to run, right? I know, trust me, I’ve done that. I’ve learned better so here’s what I want you to do, because I don’t want you to go through that frustration that is did. . Why would I want you too? You want to build relationships. Find out what they do, where they’re from, do you have kids, are they married, what are their favorite’s hobbies, focus on them.
Keep in mind you are networking on purpose, collect as many business cards as you can. Build instant rapport if it’s possible and certainly leave good impressions with the prospects you met. It will make your follow up much easier.
Now, that you have business cards, you will want to follow up within 24 hours. I suggest follow up within 24 hours is desirable. Here’s the cool part, no one, or very few people follow up with the prospects that they just met the day before. That means you will stand out.
What will you say? I suggest saying; hey, this is Pedro. We met yesterday at the networking event at xyz. It was such a great time; it was a pleasure meeting you. How are you today? Have a little conversation, build rapport. Then you want to say something like this, hey I’m just curious. Give them a compliment and then you ask, are you open at all to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing today as a, whatever their profession is. At this time you don’t say anything, you listen.
Now here’s the trick. If they say yes, of course, and most people will tell you yes, because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be networking. They are networking so they are open, whether to get more leads for their own business or they are looking to make extra money. It’s just a fact. Most likely if you position yourself correctly, they will say yes. If they say yes, they may ask you what is it? What you don’t want to say is, give them your company’s name. You want to give them the product or the service. You can say for example, I’m in the traveling business, I’m in a health and wellness business, I’m in a sustainability business, whatever you are in.
If the prospect presses you, you can say, this is not the time, I actually got to run, I’ve got an appointment to go to or I have a conference call to jump in. Present yourself as a busy person. At this point set up a day and time to meet, confirm and follow up.
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