How I recruited 1000 people in 14 DAYS – Homeless From a Van

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Today is April 15, 2014. I have set the deliberate intention to recruit an impossible 1000 people in 14 days into my business and ending my homelessness forever using the video you are watching. Small numbers don’t move people. Small numbers don’t create organizations. Small dreams don’t move nations. No one in the history of the internet has attempted such a feat. I am the first. Most people say why. I say why not.

I speak from the heart. I lead from the heart. I move from the heart. I decide based on gut feelings. I am just a man. I am just a human. I pee like you pee. The only difference is I decided to take massive action. I gave myself an extremely short period of time to accomplish a specific impossible goal. I used laser target focus. I eliminated all distractions and other good ideas from my life from April 15, 2014 to April 28, 2014. One mind. One intention. One focus.

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