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network marketing How Do You Manage Your Network Marketing Leads?

I’ve tried note books, binders, business card rolodex system, box system and entering everything into my smart phone. All of these things eh..kind of work…but there is a much better and easier way to truly be professional as a network marketer

I used to use ACT and excel sheets most recently, but still involved a lot of data entry, time wasting, and yea too much work. I have been using this CRM I share in this video and I can tell you that this past 30 days I have been tearing it up! My follow ups haven’t missed 1, ive sponsored 31 people in the past month and I believe having this follow tool increased that for me.

I’d suggest taking the trial for a few days to see if this is a fit for your business, if it is great, you will rocking it like me, and if not thats cool to and you didn’t waste a lot of time or money :)

You can test it out here:

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