Free Network Marketing Leads – Really?

network marketing Free Network Marketing Leads — Scam or Real? Can you really expect to find high quality leads for free? My answer is… (watch the video)

This is a subject that can make people upset and maybe that is not so surprising. I guess your inbox, line mine is flooded with emails talking about free network marketing leads, free MLM leads and how easy it is to get them. Sometimes you will also see companies giving away free network marketing leads. Well, do they work or are they just scam?

Free network marketing leads — what is your definition?

In most cases you will find that free network marketing leads actually exists and that you can make money from them — If you are lucky! It depends on your definition of free network marketing leads. In my mind, I would like to see them as something you have acquired by yourself, using your own marketing skills and systems. If you agree with me in that definition, we could also agree that free network marketing leads exists and they are maybe the best leads you can get. But there is a downside to my definition. To be honest I have to make some kind of investment to put my self in that position where I can start making free network marketing leads. So depending where you set your time frame, these leads will come with a price or they will be free. I do hope you follow my thoughts here.

But having said that, your investment does not have to be in cash only. I would say that the major part of your investment, and the best way to get free network marketing leads, is to invest time in yourself. There are certain skills you need to master in order to start generation your leads. You need to learn some skills in order to get paid leads as well, but that is not the subject here.

What do I need to learn to bring in free network marketing leads?

First you need of course the practical skills on how to build your marketing system, including your branding, your sales funnels and your lead nurturing. If you are a fresh starter, this could be a really time-expensive investment, but luckily there are pre-made systems that can save time for you. Next, you need to work on yourself in order to grow your entrepreneur skills and teach you to become a successful business person.

This may sound like a complicated and heavy investment and a long learning curve to just to become a master of free network marketing leads, but as I said, there are systems that are build for this purpose and you will be able to create your first free network marketing leads from day one, using the right system.

But what about another definition of free network marketing leads? Let’s say that I join a company that gives me 100 free leads to become a member and then sends me (or sell) me leads on a monthly basis?
OK, this is where some will get upset. Don’t EVER think that these leads will be of the same quality as your own free network marketing leads. If you did your training as mentioned, your leads already knows a little about you, and what you had to offer, was a good hit for them. The free network marketing leads you will get from someone else are “strangers” to you as you are to them. It is not hard to see that you would have to work much harder to convince them that you are the kind and honest person you say you are!
If you would like to know more about free network marketing leads and how to get them yourself, simply click the link and I’ll show you more. Click HERE:

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