Free MLM Leads — The Truth About Free MLM Leads Is Exposed

network marketing Free MLM Leads — The Truth About Free MLM Leads Is Exposed

Is there such a thing as free mlm leads.

What I am going to reveal to you may shock you and will run counter to everything you have heard.

There is a lot of hype in this profession and I don’t want to mislead you for a minute. So in this article I am going to expose the myth of the free mlm leads.

Are Free MLM Leads Really Free?

You joined a network marketing business and now you are looking for free mlm leads. This is the case with a lot of people who join network marketing companies.

You have talked to all your family and friends and now you find yourself on the internet looking for leads.

You see all the ads and banners proclaiming free mlm leads. Are they true?

Can you really get free mlm leads?

My short answer is NO you cannot.

But that is not the full answer. There are NO free leads.

Free MLM Leads The Full Answer

Now that we have come back to the ground and realize that nothing is free then let’s take a look at the free mlm leads and just what it actually means.

When you see someone saying that you can get free mlm leads they are usually talking about not having to pay directly for those leads.

For example I do video and article marketing. When someone opts into my list from one of the videos or articles I have not paid for that lead directly.

I have created the content, either article or videos, and then that content is out working for me 24/7 365 days a year.

Once I produce the content and promote it then I have mlm leads flowing in on a regular basis. So free mlm leads in this case means I am not paying directly for each lead.

Another example of free mlm leads would be using social media to connect with people and get them to opt in to your list or watch a presentation with a capture page on it.

This is similar to offline marketing where you are using the internet to find people but it is mostly one on one.

These are free mlm leads but you are spending time to gather and collect them.

You will either be spending time or money on mlm leads. It is just a matter of which you have more of right now.

The reason free mlm leads are so popular with beginner marketers is because they usually have more time than money.

Once you start generating some revenue then you can move into paid advertising to generate more mlm leads.

Free MLM Leads — How To Get Started

To get started generating mlm leads you just need to have some basic training. So the question is, where do you get that training.

There is training all over the internet but the training I recommend is the same training I used when I came online back in 2010.

I found a marketing system called My Lead System Pro. MLSP is the world’s largest network marketing and mlm training portal. The MLSP community teaches network marketers how to build any mlm business and make money from home leveraging the power of internet marketing.

Click Here to learn more about the My Lead System Pro community.

Learn how to not only generate free mlm leads for your business but also how to make money from the people who will not join your business opportunity.

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