Facebook MLM Prospecting – The Number One Reason You Don’t Have Success With Prospects

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Here are important questions you need to ask yourself about facebook mlm prospecting: is your facebook mlm prospecting strategie working? Does your facebook mlm prospecting give you leads everyday? Has your facebook mlm strategy brought sales in your business? Has your facebook mlm prospecting giving you any result?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then we can conclude that your facebook mlm prospecting is not working.

Here’s the question I have to ask you: could it be that the reason you don’t have your desired result with your facebook mlm prospecting strategy be that you might be doing something that is scaring away your clients, your prospects, or maybe even leads away from you and your business?

Here’s a situation that happened to me recently where I was a “victim” of someone’s “bad” facebook mlm prospecting strategy. See if you recognize yourself in this situation.

Someone contacted me in Facebook because they saw one of my videos. That person started with “Hi. How are you? Hello.” I responded, “Hi, I’m fine. How about you?” . So far, everything is normal right. Well RIGHT AFTER THAT, that person sent me a link about his business opportunity. Right away! I was just stunned and I felt just sad for that person because he lost me: this was a case of bad facebook mlm tactic on that person’s part. The sad thing is that I see a lot of people do that with their businesses.

It’s bad facebook mlm prospecting because they don’t even get to know their prospect. They don’t ask any questions, they just picth their business and then wonder how come they don’t get any business online. Well, that’s because that facebook mlm prospecting strategy is ALL about the network marketer and has nothing to do with the prospect. And the prospect sees it immediatly.

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Now, maybe that’s what you’re doing and you’re not even realizing that you are exercizing a non efficient facebook mlm prospecting strategy. But, your eagerness is so strong that you have lost focus that is should all be about the prospect!

Whatever mlm business you are in, the first reason why people get in this business is to get some money and you want it right now and fast. But by being in this mental state, your facebook mlm prospecting looks like you’re looking at people just as “leads” and you are forgetting that they are people.

They are not just potential customers, they’re not just your commission, the dollar sign for you to get that paycheck. They are people and if you forget that, if you don’t treat them as human beings, that’s where you’re scaring them away and WHY you loose them! That’s the reason why your facebook mlm prospecting is not successful. Remember they are just like you, with the sames problems and desires in life.

So my facebook mlm prospecting tip for you is that when you are doing some facebook mlm prospecting, you first get to know the person? Ask them questions.

Another thing to consider. When you are meeting somebody or when you are doing some facebook mlm prospecting, if you’re the one doing most of the talking ,or doing most of the typing, and not the other person, that’s a bad sign, you are losing them.

You’re supposed to be acquiring information from THEM? You’re supposed to be seeing if they have a problem, an issue and see if you can help them, bring them value. If you have a solution for them but you’re not asking them question, if you’re not taking your time to listen to them, how the heck are you going to be of any help them? And then, why should they listen to you or care about what you say?

This kind of facebook mlm prospecting shows your prospects that all you care is about you, they will see it in a matter of seconds just like I did with that person on Facebook.

You’re just contacting them for you, not for them. In this world we live in, everyone has the same question going in their head: what’s in it for me? Which means everyone is thinking about “what is that you can do for me”? If what you say doesn’t answer that question, and the sooner, the better, you just scared away your prospect, that potential client, that opportunity.

Therefore, here’s my facebook mlm prospecting tip for you that you should use even out of Facebook: next time you’re going to approach someone, keep remembering that you are talking to another human being. Have the mindset: how can I help that person today?

You always want for someone to feel grateful that they have met you and talked to you. You never want them to feel like meeting you was the same as getting out of a bad relationship where the person feels used, and abused.

I wish you guys a great day. You can also find some other tips on my blog at SarniaDebrosse.com.

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