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Hey, welcome. It’s Terry from FollowTerry.com. Today, we’re discussing the concept of leads.

A very, very hot topic on the internet when it comes to being a network marketer, being into multi-level marketing MLM, affiliate marketing, and really any sort of business online that wants to generate customers, first needs leads.

Now, of course, to reverse engineer that concept to get leads you got to go do some social media marketing, some attraction marketing, any sort of online advertising but that generates the leads.

We’re talking about leads today and I’m going to give you an interesting spin that I think I literally, in my 20 some years on the internet, have not seen anyone directly tell you.

This is really going to change the game for you when it comes to understanding what a lead is, how to get a lead, and how to truly start making things happen in your business literally from day one.

Day one when you get on the internet you’re going to be able to apply this concept, and I think it’s really going to change your mind when it comes to leads and how to get them.

Today’s question comes from Shelley in Washington State. Shelley says, “I’m struggling to get leads from my MLM or network marketing business, everyone makes this look so easy online yet it’s obviously not.”

She says, “I’m on a lot of different social media profiles but no one is opting into my list.”

Shelley, beyond some of the obvious things just driving people to a capture page is not always, not always the best option. Now, I can’t see your capture page, I don’t know what it says, that could be an issue.

One of the things I suggest to people when they first get started is, if you’re going to drive traffic to a capture page that you don’t try to make some hyped up offer, but instead to drive people to a page that literally is very straightforward and honest and says, “Get on my private email list to get more of basically what you have whatever you’re doing, whatever content you’re creating,” say, “Get on my list to get more of that.”

That’s pretty straightforward offer.

Let’s go to the next level. Let’s get out of the mindset that the only time you’re getting a lead is when someone opts in to your email list.

Here’s where I’m going to change your mind on everything, especially when you’re getting started. A lead is a lot of different things it’s not just someone who opts in to your email list.

Traditionally in the past, and really I would say since the beginning of time with leads people have talked about a lead as being information that has given to you, name, email address, phone number, maybe.

That’s a lead and I’m going to highly disagree with that right now and make your online life, your multi-level marketing, your networking marketing, your affiliate marketing, any business you have online, a lot easier when we start looking at it this way.

Keeping in line with social media marketing, there’s a lot more ways to get leads than just having someone subscribe to your email list. Let’s discuss some here.

I have a list here of other types of leads that you’re going to get via doing any sort of social media marketing attraction marketing.

I actually have a lot of different types and this is what people do not pay attention to, this is how I started my business, this is how I pretty much did it for free in the beginning.

Look at this, a Facebook “Like” is a lead. Let me lean on this concept and then we’ll fire off all the other ones.

A Facebook “Like” when someone likes a Facebook post that you did, listen to me that’s a lead. You can see exactly who that is, you can friend them, you can message them.

That’s a lead. You get into a conversation. Now, what you say and how you do all that kind of stuff is for a completely different video and different question but that “like” that you get on that Facebook post, that’s a lead.

You can communicate with that person. It’s the same with the next 10, I’m going to fire this off pretty quick.

A Facebook “Comment” that’s a lead. A Twitter “Follower” that’s a lead. A Twitter “Direct Message” someone direct messaging you saying, “Thanks for the follow,” that’s a lead.

A Twitter “Retweet” when someone retweets your content that’s a lead, someone who’s very interested in what you’re doing. Also a Twitter “Like” someone likes one of your Tweets, that’s a lead you can reach out to that person.

An Instagram “Follower”. An Instagram “Like”. An Instagram “Comment”. Those are all leads. A YouTube “Subscriber” and a YouTube “Comment”.

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